Sunday, October 16, 2011

14 hours of labor

I woke up at 2am on September 25th with a pain in my abdomen, thought nothing more than I just really had to go pee. Woke back up at 4:30am with more intense pain went into the bathroom and realized that it was not that I had to pee, I was in LABOR! I woke Matt up and told him I needed to call the doctor just to make sure this was real labor and not fake. I called the doctor and told him I was feeling some contractions in my back and  they were about 10 minutes apart. He told me to relax and call back between 8am and 9am because I was in early labor. I thought, Oh my gosh! This is REALLY happening right now i'm in labor!! So Matt grabbed a piece of paper and started writing down the time of my contractions, how long they were and where they were. I grabbed my sponge bob coloring book (the one I had been coloring in since about week 30 of my pregnancy when I started getting really bored) and decided to color Gracie a picture. I turned on the tv and boy was I happy with the line up until 8am...Golden Girls, Threes Company and The Nanny! My favorite tv shows what luck! My contractions started getting a little stronger and longer and they were all in my back. All I could think of was, is this going to come around to the front or am I going to end up with the back labor that I have heard horror stories about? After I was finished with my coloring I wrote the time and date and that I was in labor. I got up and started walking around because that definitely better than sitting around! Finally 8 am came and my contractions were about 5 minutes apart. I called the doctor and he said to head to the hospital.When I got to the hospital they checked me and I was only 3 cm dilated. They told me that labor could take up to 2 days and that if I didn't dilate to 5 they were going to send me home. I'm thinking oh great! There was no way I wanted to go home and be miserable for 2 days! I was going to have this baby today! After they checked me I started to feel the pain worse and it was still in my back. I'm not going to lie it was the worst pain I ever felt. All I wanted was for someone to be able to give me some pain medicine. After a little while my nurse came in and said the doctor wanted me to get up and walk around. I was up for anything at that point. So off Matt and I went doing laps around the labor & delivery floor. I would have a contraction and I would try to walk right through it. Walking definitely helped! The pain didn't feel as bad as it did when I was lying down. Finally at about noon the nurse checked me and I was 6cm dilated! She said to me "Looks like we are having a baby today!" Instantly I started crying. Then the nurse says to me "Do you want an epidural?" "YES!!!!!!!" I replied! They took me to my room where it felt like forever until I got my epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and took a look at my back and because I have a slight scoliosis she said to me the epidural might not fully work. I'm like GREAT! She hooked up my epidural and I felt a cool liquid go down my back. It actually felt pretty neat! She told me it could take up to 15 minutes until it worked but I started feeling numb right away. Because I did have back labor they also said it might not be as effective.  I was numb except for one spot on my back, and even the pain I felt was not bad at all. So the doctor came in and checked me and I was now 7cm. So I got my orange snow cone and sat back and waited. What felt like an hour later I started feeling intense pain again. I'm thinking what the heck is going on and is this normal? The doctor came in and I was between 8 & 9cm dilated. He then broke my water and said I'll be back in 5 minutes to check you because this is going so fast it should not take long for you to get to 10cm. Then he said your baby should be here around 5 o'clock. I started crying again! But the happy tears soon turned to tears of pain because my epidural had worn off and they couldn't do anything about it because I would be pushing soon. This was the WORST pain I have ever felt, I thought I was going to die. The nurse came in twice and checked me and I was still at 9cm. Finally a few minutes later the doctor came in and I was complete! I'm like thank god!!!! I pushed for an hour and at 6:12pm my Gracie Mae was here. They put her on my chest immediately and I just cried. I could not believe she was finally here! After they cleaned her up I got to hold her and I looked at her and thought, all that pain was worth it. I immediately fell in love with her. No words can describe holding your child for the first time except love.

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